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» A Way Back From That Hurt


It has rained all day. It is dark outside. I don’t mind. It seems appropriate.

I wrote an essay for The New York Times about the beach. It’s humor. I mention this because I have already received an e-mail, from a stranger, explaining to me why I am wrong about the beach. Thank you.

Here is…



You can buyBad Feminist t-shirt at Teespring for the next seven days, at least. 


Cheyenne Carty i-D Magazine
Photographer: Justin BorbelyHair by: Lok Lau 

Auguste Rodin
Satyr and Nymph 
c. 1880 

Can design transform violence into humanity? Explore Halden Prison in Norway in the latest Design & Violence blogpost. 
[External prison wall. Halden Prison, Halden, Norway. Photograph courtesy of Erik Møller Architects, HLM Architects AS, and Statsbygg.]

Pieta by Antonello Da Messina, oil on panel, 1475

Lew Thomas Polaroid hand series, 1972, (revised 1980), 1980.
» Unarmed Black Man, Ezell Ford, Shot by Police in Los Angeles  

(Source: aloofshahbanou)

I can’t release that information, but you black monkeys need to stop calling. You people have been blowing up our line all night.
Ferguson Police Department Operator, immediately prior to hanging up on a citizen inquiring about the release of St. Louis Alderman Antonio French. (via coketalk)

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